About our team

Who are the people behind Value Procurement Centre?

At VPC, we have our focus on you, our customer. We are here to help you achieve your business goals. We are a team which combines a mix of entrepreneurship, sales experience, technical knowledge and project management.

Marc Geerdink Commercial Director
We started VPC in 2016, after almost 10 years of experience in this field, with the vision of positioning the company as a bridge between the demand for electronics and assembly in Europe and the production resources in China.
Yee Ping Lee Financial controller
Together with Marc, I founded VPC in 2016. Since the start I have taken on the task as financial controller as I have years of experience in taking care of business administrations. In addition, I make sure that our staff in the office is not short of anything.
Freek Janssen Project Ingenieur
I personally have years of experience with electronics. Especially with Printed Circuit Boards. With knowledge of both production and product specifications. In recent years, the experience of mechanical manufactured parts has been added. I try to be the link between the project manager and the technical disciplines of a project.
Mart Verbeek Warehouse manager
As a Warehouse Manager within VPC I am responsible for the logistical handling of the assignments that go through our own warehouse. I coordinate these assignments from the moment of booking to the transport of the goods. I myself am a go-getter which suits me well in this position.
Olaf Schnitzer Project Manager
With a background of extensive international experience in the field of Sales, Product and Business Development, I know how to translate the needs of our customers to the various departments within VPC. This with the aim of unburdening our customers and jointly achieving the desired end result.
Eefje de Vos Project coördinator
At VPC I am responsible for, among other things, the coordination and control of the planning and implementation of our projects. You have to be able to handle a little stress in this job. Good communication with our customers and colleagues is important. I am interested in the details and will gladly help you to deliver a good product in the end.