Quality assurance

Quality Assurance of quality electronic components from China

We believe in constant improvement which creates adding value to our products. Quality is achieved by processes that are continuously refined, combining years of experience with the most modern production technologies.

We are working with the purpose of improving the quality and thus the lifespan of products, trying to satisfy the needs of the people that are working with us. The constant aim to improve efficiency, merges  with the commitment to minimize environmental impact; this is another essential issue on which VPC focused its corporate policy.

Quality Assurance Program for Quality Electronics Sourcing

At Value Procurement Centre, our Quality Assurance Program, is started early in the process of sourcing quality electronics from China. To minimize your purchasing risk and the cost of error correction. DFM and DFX are keywords in quality electronics China sourcing.

After approving the specifications for production, your data will be sent to one of our qualified electronics supplier for manufacturing. Continuous process control on location as well as the visual inspection on the final production by our qualified team results in consistently high-quality deliverables. A high-quality solution increases business value.

Checking and reviewing the customer information and data is giving us the confidence that the quality is assured in the development, proto-typing and volume production.

With our China Quality Assurance Program, we always try to ensure that our deliveries meet the agreed requirements and your expectations.

Value Procurement Centre as an organization is putting great emphasis on corporate social responsibility and environmental and sustainable production.

Value Procurement Centre follows the REACH and ROHS guidelines as well as guidelines from the conflict materials act as defined in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502(e)(4). Our sales department will send you relevant documents on request.

This year, Value Procurement Centre B.V. also started the process of the ISO 9001 certification.