Products and Services

With 40 expert employees, VPC provides production of customer-specific PCBs, cable assemblies, transformers and technical parts in Europe or China. Services also include total productions. In addition, our selected and proven reliable procurement channels in Europe and China are also often used for specific customer issues.

Our Services

Total Solutions

Together with our engineering team in China, we facilitate the transition from prototypes to mass production. Do you have a product idea you would like to develop? Then read on.

Product Assembly

With our experienced partners, we find a customized assembly process for your products. Thus we guarantee quality for all possible products time after time. Interested? Then read on.

Logistics services

Our knowledge of 15 years of experience importing from China, we are always up to date with the latest developments on this international scene. Do you have a logistics question? Then read on.

Our Products


Our first product specialization, and with now more than 15 years of experience in the business. From a simple single-layer PCB to complex PCBAs, VPC is here to help.


Our partners specialize in the design and production of electrical transformers. Read on to see if it fits your application.

Plastic and Metal Enclosures

Whatever the design, our network of suppliers has the expertise to deliver your enclosures fully to specification. Read on to see if this is for you.

Flex PCBs

Do you have a request for flex PCBs? Our experience in the business coupled with our wide network of suppliers offers you the most suitable solution for your production request.

Technical Semi-finished Products

Looking for manufacturing for a custom part? Our network has the supplier that's right for you! Read on for more.

Cable assemblies

From simple miles of copper to complex connectors, you can turn to VPC. Read on to see how we fit your application.

Outsource something else?

We think along how we can realize your product. We are confident that we can offer the right expertise from our team and wide network of suppliers. Contact us directly to learn more.