Cable and wiring

VPC your supplier for electronic cable and wiring assemblies

Supplier for all customer specific cable and wiring assemblies.

Rely on Value Procurement Centre as your supplier for electronic cable and wiring assemblies in China. We can be your cable supplier and manufacture for all types of custom cable assemblies and harnesses. Our engineers work closely with your team to find the right solution for your cable project, whether it is a simple request or a complex cable assembly requiring custom tooling. We can also help with material selection and provide swift prototyping to refine your design. Whatever type of cable assembly, wire harness, or electrical loom you need, we can help you to source the solution in China that fits you and you are seeking.

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•   Electrical cable assemblies
•   Cable cutting and terminal crimping
•   Wire tinning (solder dipping)
•   Manual soldering to PCB’s or connectors
•   Flat ribbon cable assemblies
•   Electrical continuity testing
•   RoHS compliant products
•   Custom builds and componentry
•   Plastic injection moulding
•   Flexible PVC tube cutting
•   Product assembly services
•   Printed Labels & printed Heat Shrink Tubing
•   Cable Redesign

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