Behind the story

The history of VPC

VALUE PROCUREMENT CENTRE is a young company established in 2016 but with a team of more than 15 years of experience in the professional electronics industry. Two different companies have grown together into one functional operation. The basis lies in the production of electronic semi-finished products such as Printed Circuit Boards and we have grown into a full-service company. Specialized in solving your procurement issues by outsourcing production in China. China is the world’s largest manufacturer, sometimes referred to as ‘the world’s factory’. It has been an attractive destination for manufacturing in recent decades thanks to its low labour costs, technically skilled workforce and good infrastructure. Combined with the efficiency gains thanks to larger economies of scale in China. However, rising labour costs, skills shortages and intellectual property protection are significant issues to be considered when looking at manufacturing in China. This is the domain of our Value Procurement Centre office in China. Using contracted manufactures or subcontractors may also cause serious difficulties that have to be strictly managed. Perhaps you already experienced this yourself. These include the need for rigorous quality control, possibility of leak of products to the domestic and international market, production overruns and ethical and corporate socially responsible manufacturing.

Quality control is an important consideration when choosing to manufacture in China. We take care of the quality control at our Chinese manufacturers – usually sub-contractors – to avoid significant problems for your company. Making sure that robust quality control mechanisms are in place and perform due diligence. Reason our investor choose to invest directly in factories in China to have a certain degree of influence and enables your outsourcing to be successful.


Technology is driving advancements that are revolutionizing the way we live and work. Our markets are following those changes providing low- and mid- technology solutions for industry and consumers. We will service our markets by providing partial- and end-to-end manufacturing solutions. Our customers can have products across multiple markets, such as:

Onze klanten zijn actief in verschillende segmenten, zoals: 

•   Electronics
•   Electronic Products (OEM)
•   Electronic Development
•   Electronic Assembly
•   Electronic Services
•   Custom made electronics by:
•   Engineering
•   Electronics design
•   PCB Lay-out
•   Domotica electronic
•   Industrial, Agricultural & Machine electronics
•   Healthcare electronics
•   Smart energy
•   LED application electronics