About Us

"Because not everything can be done in the Netherlands!"

VPC is a relatively young company with a long history of manufacturing electronics in China and elsewhere. Specialized in solving your procurement issues by outsourcing productions to one of our long-term relationships in China. Low labor costs, technically skilled workers, good infrastructure and the ability to scale up to volume production almost always ensure cost-effective productions. Guaranteed with the assurance of guidance and final inspection by VPC Netherlands. VPC speaks the language, knows the culture, the local market, suppliers, prices and protects your intellectual property. For example, we take care of guaranteeing the product specifications. VPC also ensures compliance with ethical and social requirements and standards. Significant efficiency gains are thus realized reliably and responsibly thanks to economies of scale in China and the large availability of suppliers.

VPC sees strict quality control as a precondition for producing in China. By working exclusively with contracted manufacturers and VPC-controlled subcontractors, this is firmly guaranteed. Moreover, VPC deploys strict quality control mechanisms with these manufacturers and subcontractors and carries out due diligence investigations. VPC itself also invests in various factories in China in order to get an extra grip on quality procedures.


What unites us is the will to help you in the best possible way. To use our activities to build your success through a mix of entrepreneurship, sales experience, technical knowledge and project management. This is the main basis on which we build long relationships with our customers.

Marc Geerdink

Commercial director & Co-founder

Yee Ping Lee

Financial Controller & Co-Founder

Freek Janssen

Project Engineer

Chun Heung Wong

Development Engineer

Eefje de Vos

Project Coordinator

Olaf Schnitzer

Project Manager

Mart Verbeek

Warehouse Manager

VPC China Team

With an average of more than 5 years of experience within our company, our local team in China ensures product quality for our customers.

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