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Value Procurement Centre is an international purchasing office located in the Netherlands and China. Manufacturing in Europe and China brings many benefits, but also challenges. By experience we know it can go wrong if you do it yourself. Especially if it’s about electronic parts from China. We help you as our customers and guide you in the successful production and scale up of your product. We support companies by offering customized purchasing solutions.


Value Procurement Centre B.V.
Flight Forum 3518
5657 DW Eindhoven

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KvK/Dutch COC number: 65468678


We will take over your purchasing tasks for the production and assembly of electronic and mechanical manufactured parts in Europe and China. With an emphasis on the combination of both.

For this purpose, we provide the coordination between several selected electronic and mechanical parts suppliers. By simplifying, implementing and coordinating these purchasing activities for you, we are able to reduce your purchasing risk and potentially reduce your purchasing costs.

In Europe and China, we act as your representative and take full responsibility for your supply chain management: from supplier evaluation, quotation request, order issuing, quality control and logistics.

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Our focus

VPC provides you with a structured development process for electronic and mechanical parts from Europe and China. In order to create the best possible solution in an early stage of product development. As the process progresses, the impact of any changes becomes higher than when intercepted early in the process.

Design and product concept with a local network

Based on design specifications a product idea can be made visual quickly. The use of modern 3D printing plays an important role. From multiple design solutions you can choose the most optimal variant. Of course, there are always multiple solutions to the same question. And each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Technology and industrial production

When the overall concept has been developed and released, we will be starting the production phase. All the details are determined by the capabilities and limitations of the proposed production technology. From basic shape to surface structure and the last tenth of a millimeter that determines the quality of a certain mechanical functionality, we provide the correct specifications. Before you invest in production tools there will be a final production validation and verification.

Release for production

The start of a production is an important part of the planning. Changes or modifications at this stage may result in high costs. After the sample approval as a final release from the customer, the production starts. VPC will take care of the production supervision, quality control and logistics. And takes care of you!

Time and cost

Depending on the idea and the goal each project brings its own turnaround and investment requirements. The VPC quotation will provide you with a detailed planning, decision points, and a estimation of the costs. The acceptance of our quotation translates to the VPC order confirmation.

Collaboration and organization

Cooperation and teamwork is a key success factor. Value Procurement Centre provides full-service and will provide you with project-specific solutions. Our organization and broad choice of suppliers enable us to work quickly and efficiently.

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